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Find Your Counselor

Map of Kentucky Counties with their associated counselors

Here is a quick way to locate your Admissions Counselor.

For Kentucky undergraduate students select the county where you reside

For Out-of-State undergraduate students select the state where you live.


Northern KentuckyTyesha Jackson

West Central Kentucky - Maria Dopico

Louisville Senior Recruiter - Brandy Chamberlain

Eastern Kentucky  - Megan Martin

South Central Kentucky  - Brittany Lakes

Fayette County and Diversity Recruitment  - Tichaedza Chikuni

Out-of-State Recruitment- Fe'Lisa Wilson

Out-of-State Recruitment - Keith Wynn

Out-of-State Recruitment - Wil Thames

Corbin Campus Director (Whitley and Knox Counties) - Sandra Stevens

Manchester Campus Director (Clay County) - Terry Gray

Director of Admissions - Stephanie Whaley

Associate Director of Admissions Recruitment and Outreach - Tricia Radford

Associate Director of Admissions Operations - Nathan Rice

Diversity Recruitment (Latino)- Liliana Gomez