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Take the next step toward your college experience at Eastern Kentucky University. Try out our freshman Scholarship Estimator to see if you qualify for an automatic merit award.

How to Apply

  1. Apply to EKU using the online application. The online application is free!

  2. Send a high school transcript.

The high school transcript must have a minimum of six semesters of coursework at the time the student submits an application.  The student will also need to submit an official, final high school transcript with a graduation date after graduating high school.  We recommend sending the final high school transcript as soon as possible after graduation.  Early high school graduates with less than six semesters of coursework must submit additional documentation.

Students who have earned 23 or fewer hours of college credit since graduating high school must also provide an official college transcript.  See note below.*

For assistance with submitting the online application, please email

Admission Eligibility

A student is considered a first-time freshman at EKU, when the student has:

  • no previous college coursework, or
  • completed college coursework prior to high school graduation

*See note below for students that have less than 24 transferrable college credits completed after high school graduation.

Below are the requirements for admission to the university as a first-time freshman:

   Standard Admission:  High School Cumulative GPA (unweighted): 2.50 or higher

   Success First Admission: High School Cumulative GPA (unweighted): 2.00-2.49

   Note:  All freshman students must have a minimum high school GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

*See note below for students that have less than 24 transferrable college credits completed after high school graduation.

Test Scores

While test scores are not required for admissions purposes, students are encouraged to submit test scores for proper course placement in English, Mathematics and Science courses. We accept ACT and SAT test scores for placement.

We also offer two test options on campus for course placement:

Residual ACT - Scores are only valid at EKU.  Residual ACT scores can be used for scholarships at EKU as well as course placement.  The cost is $63 which is significantly reduced from the national exam.  The exam can be taken in person on campus.

EKU Placement Exam - Scores are only valid at EKU. EKU Placement Exam scores are only valid for course placement.  Incoming freshman can take the test in person on campus up to two times at no cost.  This test is also offered remotely for the cost of the online test proctoring service Examity.

To sign up for one of the exams or for more details, see the links below:

Residual ACT

EKU Placement Exam:

The Academic Testing Office can assist you with additional questions. 


*Note: Students that have taken college coursework after high school graduation are admitted as transfer students and are not eligbile for first-time freshman scholarships. Transfer students must earn at least 24 post-high school college credtis to be eligible for transfer scholarships.  Students that have earned 23 hours or fewer college credits since high school graduation and are under 21 years old will participate in Freshman Orientation, the Big E Welcome and other freshman events and activities as part of the incoming freshman class.