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The Importance of New Student Orientation

Colonel Journal: Guiding your transition to colonel country

By this point, you’ve probably heard a lot about Orientation. So, what exactly is Orientation?

Our Colonel Journal readers are going to get the inside scoop!

When do you register for New Student Orientation? As soon as you get admitted! Yep, that’s right. If you are admitted for fall 2019, Orientation registration is available. Click here to register now. Registering early ensures you’re able to choose a date that best suits your schedule!

What do you do during Orientation?

  1. You will have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and student advisors.
  2. You will begin to familiarize yourself with the #CampusBeautiful and all of the services that EKU offers.
  3. We saved the best for last: You will get to register for classes! Orientation is the time when you get to register for fall 2019 courses with the help of an academic advisor. We offer academic help on Orientation day, rather than having you attempt to figure it all out by yourself. Our faculty and staff want to help you succeed!

What does Orientation Day look like? Allow us to walk you through it!

Whitlock Lobby

  • After checking in at the Welcome Center, you will then meet in O’Donnell Hall, an auditorium which is located inside the Whitlock Building, just down from the Welcome Center. During this time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy continental breakfast snacks and coffee. You may chat with other new students, take photos at the photo booth, and listen to admissions faculty and staff speak!

Orientation groups outside of the Crabbe Library

  • After the introductions, you will divided into groups based on your college. EKU has multiple colleges included: College of Education, College of Health Sciences, College of Science, College of Business and Technology, College of Justice and Safety, and College of Language Arts and Social Sciences. Within these groups, you will get to know others that are in your College, as well as your orientation leader, and learn more about EKU! This is a great time to ask your group leader any questions that you have.

Case Building

  • Next, you will eat lunch in the Case Kitchen! Students have adopted the nickname “Upper Case” for this dining choice, as it it located on the top floor of the Case Complex. What food is served in Upper Case? Pasta, home-cooked foods, pizza, hamburgers are regularly served as well as a robust salad and dessert bar, plus many other options that change daily! With this buffet-style eatery, you are sure to find something delicious.
  • After lunch, you’ll break off into groups again to go register for courses!

Students checking out booths in Alumni Coliseum at New Student Orientation

  • Once your group is finished with registration, you will move on to a showcase of EKU services and departments that have set up informational booths for you to visit. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore these booths with your family and new friends. Also, there may even be sweet treats available and/or t-shirts! We’ll have to wait to see what fun things will be in store at this year’s showcase!

So, you’ve been admitted. Congratulations! Now, it is time to commit. Register today for New Student Orientation and secure your place as a Colonel!

Go Colonels!

Published on December 10, 2018