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Campus Attractions

Colonel Journal: Guiding your transition to colonel country

At Eastern Kentucky University, we understand the importance of beauty. We have strived hard to make our campus pleasing and many refer to it as the #CampusBeautiful!

Since we have worked hard to make our campus beautiful that is able to provide our students with many helpful tools, we wanted to share a bit about our top campus attractions.

Daniel Boone Statue

The Daniel Boone statue can be found in the center of campus, directly in front of the Keen Johnson building. This statue has stood here since 1967. For nearly 50 years, EKU students have “increased their luck” by rubbing his golden toe.

If you register for a campus tour, you will have the opportunity to say hi to DB and rub his toe as well!

Student rubbing toe of Daniel Boone statue

Turner Gate

Turner Gate is a symbol for the life-changing significance of the Eastern Experience. This new landmark is distinguished by four words – Wisdom and Knowledge on one side facing outward, where students walk through as freshmen. On the opposite side, students may exit the gate at their commencement and see the words Purpose and Passion. These words describe what students are seeking when they enter EKU and what they will acquire and take with them into the world.

Freshman have the opportunity to begin their college career by walking through Turner Gate as an entire class!

Turner Gate

Carloftis Garden

The Carloftis Garden is a beautiful garden, filled with sidewalks, benches, fountains, and beautiful shrubbery. This garden is located behind Martin Hall, and is accessible to all EKU students, faculty, staff, and the Richmond community.

You might visit the Carloftis Garden to spend time with friends, to read, or for a nice walk!

Carloftis Garden

The Ravine

The Ravine is yet another beautiful, grassy location on the #CampusBeautiful! Students gather here for events, to hang out with friends, to catch up on homework, and to simply take a break between classes. During the warmer seasons, you will find many students laying in hammocks!

The Ravine

Veteran’s Memorial

EKU understands the importance of remembering those who have served our country. We never want to forget these brave men and women. We have two memorials that serves as a centerpiece containing the names of EKU alumni, faculty, staff, and students who lost their life in either hostile action or non-hostile service.

You can visit one of these places for remembrance by the Wallace building and another by the Stratton building. Spend time reflecting on the bravery that has been shown by men and women in our country for years!

The Veteran's Memorial

Fred Parker Giles Gallery

Are you artsy? If so, we’ve got the perfect location for you! Located in the Campbell building, you will find the Fred Parker Giles Gallery. This gallery is open to all EKU students, and some art classes actually take time to walk through the exhibits.

Fred Parker Giles Gallery


Arnim D. Hummel Planetarium

You don’t have to have a passion for astronomy to know that visiting the Planetarium, located on EKU’s campus, is awesome! You can find information about show dates/time and prices of tickets for the public online.

Hummel Planetarium

These are some great campus attractions that you can check out when you decide to visit the #CampusBeautiful or if you become a #FutureColonel! If you’re interested in visiting, click here to read more about the process and click here to register!

Are you ready to take the next step in becoming a #FutureColonel? If so, click here to apply!

Go Colonels!

Published on February 28, 2019