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The Richmond Community: Shopping

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We’ve told you a lot about the Richmond community, but we have even more information for you! Eastern Kentucky University understands that students need places to shop. Students need to have locations to purchase groceries, clothing, and of course, decorations for their residence halls. Since we understand your need for this knowledge, EKU decided to supply you with a quick list:

  • Groceries: Richmond has a variety of grocery stores, both big and small, within less than 10 miles from EKU’s campus.
  • Fashion: Richmond is home to various shopping centers! You will find chain stores, as well as many local boutiques.
  • Décor: Do you want to make your residence hall feel more like home? Visit one of our shopping centers, like we mentioned above. Richmond is home to plenty of chain stores and local boutiques that have décor to fill your residence hall!
  • Dollar Budget: If you’re trying to save money, Richmond also has plenty of dollar stores as well!
  • Drug Stores: We all have our favorite drug stores to visit for medicine or a quick purchase. Rest assured, Richmond most likely has your favorite store too!

Is that not enough? Well, you’re in luck then! Lexington is only a twenty minute drive from Richmond. If you don’t find what you like in Richmond, there are even more options in Lexington!

As always, we encourage our readers to visit EKU and experience the Richmond community first-hand! If you’d like to schedule a visit, please click here. We’d love to see you at the #CampusBeautiful.

Go Colonels!

Published on October 03, 2018