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Tuition Costs

Student graduates EKU and receives degree

Did you know that nearly 80% of all EKU students receive some form of financial assistance?  The Office of Student Financial Assistance helps students and families identify ways to maximize funding sources to cover your educational expenses.  Click on the Scholarship Estimator button to see what additional resources may be available to new freshman.

Navigating through the financial aid information can be challenging --- where do you start? Begin on EKU’s financial aid website to learn the steps to applying for financial aid and to understand the various types of assistance available. For answers to questions that current and prospective students are asking, visit the FAQ page. You can also contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for a one-on-one consultation.


See: for on-line degree program tuition information for all other students.

In & Out-of-State Students Per Semester
Full Time - Kentucky residents $4,633
Full Time - Out-of-state Students $9,669
Part Time - Kentucky residents taking fewer than 12 credit hours $386 per credit hour
Part Time - Out-of-state Students taking fewer than 12 credit hours $806 per credit hour
100% Online Courses - Undergraduate Program Courses
(per credit hour for ON-CAMPUS students only)
$421 per credit hour
100% Online Undergraduate Programs - Fully Online Undergraduate Programs
(per credit hour for students in a fully ONLINE programs only)  
$409 - 460 per credit hour
SEE:  2019-2020 Tuition and Fees for additional tuition information.  
Campus Renovation and Student Fee

For more information visit: Financial Aid Website

Through a combination of federal and state grants, merit scholarships, federal student loans, and student employment opportunities the vast majority of EKU students obtain the financial assistance they need to achieve their dream. Merit scholarships, based on demonstrated academic achievement are automatically awarded to students who apply for admission and meet the scholarship eligibility requirements. That means no separate scholarship application is needed. Scholarships are awarded until available funds are exhausted, so it’s important to:


Financial Aid
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