Find Your Counselor

Fe'Lisa Wilson Fe'Lisa Wilson Bart Blankenship Kenneth Johnson Bart Blankenship Fe'Lisa Wilson Amy Foulkes Andrew Fast Kimberly Merritt Bart Blankenship Lettie Dixon Teysha Jackson

Here is a quick way to locate your Admissions Counselor.

For Kentucky undergraduate students select the county where you reside

For Out-of-State undergraduate students select the state where you live.


  Eastern Kentucky Territory - Lettie Dixon

  West Central Kentucky Territory - Ken Johnson

  North Central Kentucky Territory - Tyesha Jackson

  South Central Kentucky Territory - Drew Fast

  East Central Kentucky Territory - Bart Blankenship

  Ohio/Indiana - Fe’Lisa Wilson

  Assistant Director/Madison County - Kim Merritt

  All Other States (except KY, OH, IN) - Amy Foulkes

Associate Director/International students - Steve Greenwell